In the media: ”Fehlt uns eine gemeinsame Welt?”

In the run-up to the national vote on the Co2 law in Switzerland, a guest article in the Swiss weekly WoZ calls for the country to become aware of its role in the world and refers to the research project “Reversing the Gaze”. The author, Sindi-Leigh McBride is a PhD candidate at the Centre for African Studies of the University of Basel, with a guest article in WoZ (20 May 2021)

The article is written in German.

>“Fehlt uns eine gemeinsame Welt?” on (paywall)

Publication: ”Emergency Use of Public Funds: Implications for Democratic Governance”

In this paper, three of our project team: Shalini Randeria (Fellow), Deval Desai (Principal Investigator) and Christine Lutringer (Researcher) demonstrate a set of unintended political and institutional effects of the emergency mobilisation of unspent social welfare funds under Covid-19.

This article was originally written for Global Challenges:

> Desai, D., Lutringer, C., & Randeria, S. (2020) Emergency Use of Public Funds: Implications for Democratic Governance, Global Challenges, special issue no. 1, June.

Christine Lutringer

Shalini Randeria

Deval Desai