The research colloquium “Reversing the Gaze” is an interdisciplinary forum to reflect on methodological, conceptual and theoretical issues related to knowledge production in Area Studies and comparative social sciences.

  • Research Colloquium, Fall Semester 2021: “Making concepts work”

    The focus of this semester is on the translation and operationalization of social scientific concepts in specific historical contexts and socio-cultural environments. The colloquium will engage with methodological and theoretical issues bearing on the translation of concepts across regions, across disciplines, and across academic and non-academic contexts.


    Wed 29.09.2021, 12.15-14.00
    Retribalization across time and space
    Tebuho Winnie Kanyimba & Matthias Maurer Rueda (Centre for African Studies Basel/Department of Social Sciences, University of Basel)

    Wed 13.10.2021, 12.15-14.00
    Translating Black-Boxes
    Elísio Macamo (Centre for African Studies Basel/Department of Social Sciences, University of Basel)

    Wed 27.10.2021, 12.15-14.00
    Unspent Funds: Mobilisation and Accountability Post-COVID
    Sruthi Herbert (University of Edinburgh), Christine Lutringer (Graduate Institute Geneva)

    Wed 10.11.2021, 12.15-14.00
    Chatterjee Revisited: Contextualizing Political Societies
    Stephan Hochleithner & Benedikt Korf (Department of Geography, University of Zurich)

    New date: Wed 01.12.2021, 12.15-14.00
    Translating Forms of Knowledge
    Maria Paula Meneses (Centro de Estudos Sociais e Económicos, Universidade de Coimbra)

    Wed 08.12.2021, 12.15-14.00
    Review session
    Ralph Weber (Institute of European Global Studies, University of Basel)

    The colloquium takes place online via Zoom. If you are interested in participating, please register via email to:

    PhD candidates and advanced MA students can earn credits (3 ECTS credit points). In order to do so, participants should write a report on one of the sessions.

    PhD candidates and students at the University of Basel can register for the course via MOnA (course no. 62347-01).

    PhD candidates and students at other Swiss universities can register via the University of Basel Student Administration Office.