Lerato Posholi and Ralph Weber participate in workshop at the University of Johannesburg

“Epistemic Injustice and Epistemic Decolonisation” was the topic of a workshop organised by the African Centre for Epistemology and Philosophy of Science of the University of Johannesburg. The event took place on 9 March 2023 in the context of a collaboration visit by project members Lerato Posholi and Ralph Weber from 6–10 March 2023. 

Lerato Posholi presented a talk titled ‘Wiredu’s Conceptual Decolonisation: A Radical Reading?’ Photo: Veli Mitova

In the course of the workshop, the participants explored different aspects of decolonisation and epistemic injustice, including concepts and politics of Eurocentrism (Ralph Weber), the question of how to decolonise (Dimpho Takane), Kwasi Wiredu’s conceptual decolonisation (Lerato Posholi), or the complications of decolonising the curriculum (Veli Mitova).

The workshop was organised by the University of Johannesburg’s African Centre for Epistemology of Science in collaboration with the Reversing the Gaze project.

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