Decolonial Promise or Pitfall? Ralph Weber on “Reversing the Gaze” at Workshop in Athens

Ralph Weber, co-Principal Investigator of the Reversing the Gaze project, presented some of the key ideas regarding the project at the Comparative Political Theory Workshop 2022 at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens on April 13 and 14, 2022.

For Professor Weber, “Reversing the gaze” means working towards a more truly global history of political thought and comparative political theory. He recently presented this process . In his talk, he analyzed in how far it constitutes a decolonial promise— or a pitfall.

The Comparative Political Theory Workshop 2022 was held under theme “Authoritarianism in the Eurasian Context: From Antiquity to the Present”. The aim of the workshop was to bring together scholars to discuss the emerging acceptance of authoritarianism in the contemporary world and to reflect upon and derive insights from the rich historical experience and the depth of sources produced by Eurasian cultures from antiquity to the present.

Ralph Weber is Associate Professor of European Global Studies at the Institute for European Global Studies. He specializes in Political Theory, Chinese Politics, and modern Confucianism. Currently, he is the President of the European Association for Chinese Philosophy and the Chair of the Section on Political Theory in the Swiss Political Science Association.